Warm Weather Shipping

Please Note: Snackin’ Free will not be held responsible for melting or other damage caused by extreme temperature exposure during shipping. 

Some of our products are subject to melting, including chocolate, caramels, and marshmallows. A Warm Weather Shipping message is posted in red on the product pages of heat-sensitive items so you’ll know which ones are at higher risk.

Despite our best efforts, we can’t guarantee heat-sensitive products will arrive in perfect shape—we wish we could control the weather! To maintain the quality and integrity of the Products, we recommend that you immediately refrigerate all perishable Products upon delivery. Depending on the season and temperature in your geographic area at the time of delivery, advance planning by you should be made for proper storage of your products prior to consumption.

We may require the return or photographic documentation of any product, or of any damaged Product(s), that you are dissatisfied with before we provide you a refund, replacement, or Credit.

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I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your great customer service! You were out of the soup crackers when you filled my recent order. I appreciate you sending the replacement so quickly and sending samples of the cheddar crackers to try while I was waiting. There aren’t many companies anymore that have such concern for their customers. I will continue to purchase your amazing products!!

Jenna Lightfoot